Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What's on your pig?

How the tables have turned. About 4 months ago my friend Sal had blogged about some of us not working at Valley Diagnostic Clinic, Pat & I. Turns out I went back, and guess who's gone now? SAL! Of course, we are all happy he found a job that he will be happy at. Not that VDC isn't a happy place, but ............long story! Anyways, we went out to lunch at one of our favoritest place in Harlingen, BOOMERANG BABBA'S during his last week!

OF course, we called in advance to reserve some tables. Since the manager and waitor know us all so well...guess what they did for Sal? Just for him, the manager, Chris?Daniel? (inside joke) automatically said they'd put the "chicken tacos" as the special of the day. He'd always be bugging them for the tacos everytime we went. Although everything we eat there is delish! mmm! We have pictures to prove it! Pictures are in our phones or twitpic :)

For dessert we took him some sweet bread PIGS. We know he likes those, so Christi individually wrapped them in plastic bags. Each piggie was tagged with digiSal's famous phrases. It was fun brainstorming the phrases. Christi and I would text each other everytime we'd think of one. The phrases got better and better each time! Emily and I also had fun thinking of them.

Here are some of the ones we came up with:

  • Maybe next year....
  • Stomach hurts
  • "Hey, I resemble that remark"
  • It's "text," NOT texted
  • Non-Texterbacker
  • Put it on twitter!
  • Just GOOGLE it
  • Don't use a calculator, just call Christi
  • I knoooooow!
  • What did you doooo?
  • That dirty rat!
  • Did somebody say Wallbangers?

I know there are some I'm leaving out right now. He kept my little notes we had taken! We should have also put "Do you know how long it took me to get my hair to look like this?" or something like that........



Sal said...

"you know how long it takes for me to make my hair look like i didnt comb it"

hehe,, by now you should know where i stole that line from.

and that was very nice and sweet of you all to do that. I was surprised and angry i was not involved in all the sneaking around!

DeeDee said...

Don't forget the "pfft"
and the "noninviters!" LOL

Rob said...

Aweasome !! you guys are Great .. wish i had friends like that!

dont know if you guys know but Jay always throws these one liners at me..

"spot me" hasn't used that line in awhile, i use it more.

"Lunch?" sorry Jay I am usually bussy when you say that.

"Cut my grass"
and many misc. ones every now and then .. mainly movie quotes.