Thursday, April 17, 2014

Bad Chemistry or Good Chemistry?

I will soon find out if it will be good chemistry.  On January 2014 I started my second semester at TSTC.  It'd been 17 years since I've attended college!!! Needless to say, someone is a little rusty!! I am currently taking Biology II & CHEMISTRY!!!!!!  We are almost done, and I still haven't figured out the recipe that Heisenberg made on the show "Breaking Bad." Just kidding!  I never took Chem in High School, so, YES, I am having a hard time.  I'm sitting here working on my final assignments, looking at my reflection on the laptop and telling myself "YOU GOT THIS!" "You're ALMOST there." I felt it was important that I blog this!! I want to look back one day & remember that it was all worth it. 
I have stayed up very late many nights.  The earliest I went to bed one time was 3:30 am!!!  I thank God so much for giving me the energy I need to go through this! I still have to wake up to prepare breakfast or lunch for my love. (I don't do it everyday, but if he requests it, I'm here for him, NO matter what time I went to bed) I usually take another nap after he leaves, wake up again, get the kids ready for school & myself for work!  I've been taking night classes on Tues & Thursdays & Saturday mornings.  My sweet sweet darling has been so supportive.  Of course, this is not easy on the family either.  I know it will pay off one day :)
I will be back soon to post if I passed this class :)

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Mrs. Roboto

Today is Day 4 of sporting my Air Cast Boot. Monday, August 20, my hard cast was removed.  It was such a relief!!  After 8 weeks, I was so ready for it.  I had no idea what to expect at that visit.  The only thing I usually pray for when I go to my orthopedic surgeon, is for GOOD news.  And God has been so good to me, so far it has been good news.  I have faith I will continue to heal back to my 100% healthy leg, foot, ankle, etc. 

I can now shower comfortably.  I have to use a chair in the shower though.  I have to be extra careful not to fall, not only that, I have a restriction on the amount of weight I can put on my right leg.  Dr placed me on an air cast boot.  I am to use it everyday.  The night is optional.  But since I'm paranoid, I sleep with it on as well.  I still have to continue using my crutches for an additional 6 weeks.  I am not allowed to walk without them. 

So, on Monday, when my cast was removed, it was not a pretty sight. UGH. I know this is gross, but I want to document it.  My foot was covered in DEAD skin. Ugh!! That's what happens when you don't wash it for that long!! Que awite!  Needless to say, I took a LONG shower that night.  Actually, every night since that day have been long showers.  Oh my I know just how long the hair on my legs can get, lol!

Everyday I imagine myself walking.  Boy, we take so many things for granted.  Now I can see how much time I was wasting!  Time is so precious and when we have it all, we don't even appreciate it.  I LOVE to do things for my family, so all this time has been hard seeing them do things for me.  I must admit, it does feel kinda good being pampered and not being expected to do ANYTHING.  Although, my family will tell you that I am a trooper.  I have still attempted to do things.  I have cooked, baked, washed, dried & put away laundry, swept, mopped, clean toilets.....all on my crutches or rolling desk chair.  I roll around at work and I roll around at the house.  I have to thank my sister in law Nela for the idea.  As the days went by, things got a lot easier.

Tonite I did a little research.  I want to make sure and do whatever movements or exercises I need to do to  restore full range of mobility to my ankle.  I will continue to do them.  So far, since day one, NO Pain.  But I am having swelling when I go long periods without elevating my foot.  It feels kinda stiff around the ankle area.  I don't like that my right leg looks skinner than the left.  I guess I lost some muscle.  If only I would look skinnier in other areas, lol.  Speaking of that, I have to admit, I've had to use the jazzy electric wheelchairs at the stores.  I use them cuz if I just crutch myself around the store, I begin to sweat and the sole of my left foot will hurt!  I will say, because I am FULL figured, I don't like using it!! I don't want people to think I'm using it because I am overweight and can't walk.  So I usually like to put my leg on top of the little attached basket.  Pero not even like that will I get back on the wagon of eating healthy.  Anyways, that's a never ending story :P

I did find out that my Roboto leg must be high tech.  Abel said it was a Reebok Pump Boot.  It's got a little internal pump to pump air.  It also has a little valve to release the air.  I was reading that some boots need an external pump. NO thank you :)

Well, it's getting late, and I must elevate!!!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

...In Sickness and In Health

I just don't know where to start. 

What I'm trying to say is that during these past 8 weeks, I have truly been demonstrated what ...."in sickness and in health" really meant when Abel and I shared our vows on our wedding day 12 years ago. 

June 23rd, a few weeks ago, many friends & I participated in an event called Hog Dash2.  It was fun, it was muddy, it was wet, it was slippery, it was hot, it was a BLAST, it was memorable in more than one way.  It was a 5k obstacle course.  To make a long story short, we had about 3-4 more obstacles left to do.  I was climbing the 2nd out of 3 12foot walls towards the end of the course.  Well, this 2nd wall got the best of me.  It was easy climbing it, and it was also easy coming down.  It was however, hard to go over it.  I learned the hard way that I did not have the upper body strength I needed to hold on tight enough to avoid a fall.  As I threw my left leg over the top, I must have missed a step? Thrown my leg too fast? Slipped? It all happened so fast. I just remember telling myself, "I've gotta let go" AND DOWN I WENT 12ft!!!

God must have helped me land, because I landed sitting down?  But I also landed on my Left foot, I was able to see it bend/twist/fold sideways.  My foot nearly touched the side, bottom of my calf.  Ugh, I wish I could shake off that image. My first thought was, oh Noooooooooo, Abel is going to be so mad!!!! Then I thought, oooooooooooooh noooooooo, my foot is gonna hang when I attempt to lift it :( But at the same time I was hoping I had NOT broken anything.  I knew what I saw, but I was still being hopeful.  I knew I should not put anymore weight on it.  I was given a ride to the ambulance and evaluated by the paramedics.  They suggested I had a bad high sprain.  I wanted to believe that, but I knew something DID NOT feel right.  I was happy I could move it around, but the swelling was getting pretty bad.

After that, I sat, elevated & iced my ankle and waited for the rest of the teammies to finish.  (Meanwhile, the MUD was also drying up.  I had some from head to toe)  I didn't have my phone or anything! I wanted to call my husband. I ended up borrowing someones phone. All I told Abel was that I had fallen & I wanted to get it checked out. I did not give him any details so he would worry so much (OR GET THAT MAD) lol.  But he was still very concerned.

When my friends finally finished, they changed & we HAULED it back to my house. Ariel (My friend & husband to Jennifer) was driving, emergency lights on & all! Ariel, Jennifer & Homer were so nice to me. The only thing going through my head was "Please God, don't let me need surgery." We got to my house, they helped me out of the car & also hosed me down. I sat on a chair on our yard & literally, was being hosed down. I took off my clothes, thank God I was wearing a bathing suit under. Anyways, I made it inside & showered.

All through this time and till TODAY, THANK GOD, I have not experienced pain. Just some discomfort?

Once in the ER and after X-rays were taken, Abel was able to see the images.  That's when he told me it did not look good :( He could see a fracture & something out of place.  My heart sunk.  But it sunk even more when the Dr came to confirm the fracture and that I would require surgery.  He had already consulted with the orthopedic surgeon which was on his way to see me.  Once he got there and examined me, he told me I would be admitted & possible surgery that night or Sunday, depending on the staff.  I immediately told him I would do what ever it took to get me better, BUT I sneaked in the question, couldn't HE just "pop me back into place?" Like if I'm a doctor huh?  Apparently I am, NOT!  Although he said he could give it a try!!! I couldn't believe my ears!!!!! He casted me, adjusted me, and took more xrays. That would determine for sure my condition.  Result was that I could try out fracture care in a cast! Yay! It has been almost 8 long weeks. 

As it is, my husband is the best, but for these past weeks, the title of my blog says it all.  I NEVER expected for my husband to react the way he has.  Besides being a WONDERFUL husband, he is impatient and can get irritated kinda easily.  Well, (knot in my throat) he has been the MOST patient, caring, cautious, pleasing, caring, LOVING, fantastic, more than nice husband in the world! I know he loves me, but knowing the way he is, I thought he was gonna lose it.  To this day, he hasn't.  He has been my ROCK.  I am a very active, hyper & independent person, but without my lovie, I WOULD have LOST IT long time ago.  Our roles have been flipped.  I know it has not been easy for him, being super dad & hubby, but he is one tough man!!!

One of the most touching moments we've had is an instant message chat.  I was worried about having to pay so much $$. Money that we could be using on much more precious things like the kids.  Abel's response was "YOU are precious" and we will do whatever it takes to get you better. No matter what. I thought we were on the same page, you know, worried about spending money that we weren't expecting. Boy was I wrong. 

I apologize to my hun & my family & co-workers, but they all tell me the same thing. They are here for me.  I am surrounded by so many loving family & friends.  Which reminds me of another instant message convo with my love.  After apologizing to him, he said not to. Because I have done so much for him, that I keep him going, for me to please never let him fall.  That is what I am taking from this injury. We have learned just how strong and sacred our marriage is to each other, in sickness and in health.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Adrian's Little Friends

Adrian is now 5.9 years old.  He is a little stinker!  He always makes us laugh.  I love that no matter how he wakes up in the morning, he almost always makes me smile.  And if he's in a BAD mood, I can make him smile, and just like that, he'll be happy.  He's so easy to make smile.  There are times when he "doesn't" want to be happy, so gets mad because I made him smile :)  Mi chiquito!!

Having had said all that, I present you the above picture.  Adrian does not like to go to sleep alone.  So now you're thinking he sleeps with all these his little friends right? WRONG!!! When we are NOT looking, he fills up his little toddler bed (which is right next to our bed) with these little stuffed animals.  He then jumps into our bed!  He loves for me to rub his back to help him go to sleep.  So, in my head, I'm thinking, "Yes, the sooner he falls asleep, the sooner I get to move him into his bed!"  Abel & I do our best, he falls asleep, and I'm ready to the transfer.  ONLY ONE LITTLE PROBLEM........his bed is completely occupied! We think it's so cute, we feel bad for waking up his buddies, sooooooooooooooooooooo, we leave him in our bed! We are such wimps! No, we're not wimps, we love him & we feel that's his way of making sure he sleeps with us.  He ALWAYS has a solution, even when we're not looking! 

Abel always tells me "Let them be little, let them sleep in the middle."  Like the country song :)

I know the day will come that we will be wishing he still wanted to sleep with us.  So that is why we let BOTH of our kids sleep with us when they want to :)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

My After Pic, But Not Really

So here we are..........14 weeks after our weight loss challenge at work. I managed to lose 32 lbs!! A few months ago i posted a before pic. Something i had never done in the past. So here is my after pic, but not really because i still NEED lose more pounds to be at a healthy weight. I kinda feel comfortable in this size & weight, since my hunny loves my curves ;) BUT i must push myself a little more. Therefore, this will be my in between pic :) That's all for now.

P.S. A special thanks to my lil photographer Adrian Ethan :) Love you baby!

Friday, June 10, 2011

"Can You Hug Me?"

my little adrian is 4 yrs old....going on 5. sometimes, in the middle of the night, he wakes up & wants to jump into bed with abel & me. of course, we let him, and once hes on the bed with us, he will ask me.....with the sweetest sleepy & tired little voice....."will you hug me?" oh my gosh......that melts my heart everytime! and my answer is always "of course!!!" i hug him, and in no time, he is fast asleep. i treasure these moments and therefore had to jot them down immediately. he just asked me a little while ago to hug him. OF COURSE mi amorcito!